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Photo: Lilli Waters 

Hello, I'm Chris

- Christopher when in trouble..

Melding Photojournalism and Creativity I'm Christopher Chan, a Melbourne-based freelance photographer who aims to bridge my decade-long career as a photojournalist with my current work as a versatile digital creative. My photojournalistic background has equipped me with the adaptability and quick thinking required to navigate unforeseen challenges, ensuring that I capture the essence of every moment.

In my freelance photography role, I find my passion in collaborating with creative agencies and clients. I'm dedicated to crafting captivating images that align with their vision, all while drawing from my commitment to efficiency and effectiveness cultivated during my time as a photojournalist. I firmly believe that photography is a medium for visual storytelling that goes beyond mere images, aiming to evoke emotions and leave a lasting impact. Whether it's conveying a brand's identity, revealing a product's essence, or immersing in the ambiance of an event, I'm committed to translating your ideas into striking and unforgettable visual realities.


Let's embark on this creative journey together, transforming concepts into compelling images that resonate and endure.

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